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Brand Development/Wearable Technology

M/S/H is a clothing and technology company that I developed based around an idea for a smart jacket. M/S/H is a practice in design from a number of angles and at its core, a brand.


Currently M/S/H consists of a brand website, a “hacked” web interface with three accompanying web apps, one created from scratch, one created with guidance and one edited from an open source application, a crude, but working wearable prototype of the potential product and documents outlining the user persona, ideal functionality and concept sketches of the future product.


Wearable technology is going to become more normalized as computers get smaller and more effecient and I wanted explore this medium. I built a Raspberry Pi Zero into a jacket and ran a few web applications from a display on the sleeve. The project grew to be a potential strategy for a product and a brand that would back it. I wanted the jacket to support mesh networkling, modularity and increased security capabilities.


Along with the physical prtotype, I developed the M/S/H brand with the “Street Wear” demographic in mind. I wanted to appeal to a younger audience and create something that could be easily worked into a technologically forward, trendy lifestyle.

This project is still a passion of mine and I love talking about what it stands for so please feel free to ask questions!


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