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CCC Report Analysis

Counter Culture Coffee is dedicated to sustainable, high quality coffee. Their annual transparency report was revamped in 2016 to give consumers a more holistic understanding of the product as well as provide a more enjoyable user experience.


We wanted to produce a report that was backed in sound research, I analyzed five of the leading for-profit transparency reports to be sure we presented on the most relevant information without omission.


Reports aren’t always the most fun to read so we wanted to integrate interactivity and a variety of ways to digest the information presented, like the interactive map shown to the right. Users are able to pick a country, their favorite coffee and learn about when it was bought, how much was purchased, for what price etc.


The annual report received recognition in the coffee community and continues to challenge the coffee industry to sustainably source their product. Providing documents like these allow consumers to make an educated decision when purchasing this important commodity.


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