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User Interface Redesign

Wells Fargo has had a mobile banking application since I’ve been banking with them. After polling users of Wells Fargo’s application and other mobile banking applications, I decided to redesign the interface with millenials in mind.


The goal of the redesign was speed and simplicity. Mobile banking users, especially millenials, typically do one of three operations: check their balance, transfer money or deposit a check.


I reduced the number of visible options and provided functionality to view account balances in a quick and simple way. By reducing visual clutter, the interface feels simple, streamlined and efficient.


The video to the right shows a clickthrough of the prototype I designed with Sketch and implimented with InVision. Having a workable prototype really helped show what I was trying to do and allowed me to gain more insight from potential users as they browsed what the redesign had to offer.

Try it out here!